‘What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?’


In a pitch to get African Americans and Democrats to vote for him, Trump is now saying, “What the hell do you have to lose?” Really Trump?? Well let me answer that question for you…..

Trump….“What the hell do you have to lose?”

What do we have to lose?? Seriously?? We actually have A LOT to lose.

For starters…..

    1. Millions of Americans would lose their health insurance.
    2. Muslims would lose freedoms and rights.
    3. Immigrants would lose the ability to come out in the open or have a path to citizenship.
    4. The country would lose all of the gains it’s made in race relations.
    5. Women’s rights would lose 50 years of advancement.
    6. Poor people would lose a social safety net.
    7. Seniors would lose their social security after Trump hands it over to Wall Street.
    8. We would lose freedom of the press.
    9. We would lose the separation of church and state.
    10. We would lose civil liberties because of SCOTUS reversals.
    11. We would lose any stability in the world when Trump pulls out of NATO.
    12. Americans would lose retirement funds after Trump makes the stock market take a dive.
    13. The office of the Presidency would lose honor.
    14. The economy would lose the gains it’s made since Bush’s recession.
    15. The nation would lose its ability to keep Russia in check.
    16. Americans would lose the safety of keeping nukes out of the hands of countries who currently have none.
    17. The country would lose free trade with the rest of the world.
    18. Minimum wage workers would lose any chance of getting a wage increase.
    19. The country would lose its Mexican ally.
    20. The country would lose any chance to address climate change.
    21. The country would lose any chance of making advancements with clean energy.
    22. America would lose respect around the globe.
    23. Children would lose any chance to look up the POTUS.

And that’s just for starters!

So yes Trump….we have A LOT to lose.


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