Congressional Black Caucus Reacts To Trump Birther Statement…’This Is A Disgusting Day’ -VIDEO


Trump used a cheap publicity stunt to finally admit that President Obama was born in the U.S. But, in typical Trump fashion, he padded his statements with several new lies. And the Congressional Black Caucus is pissed!

Donald Trump is the founder of the “Birther” movement. And he has continued with this lie for the last 5 years. Most Americans are offended by this nonsense….especially African Americans who feel this attack personally.

Now that Trump’s advisers have figured out that they actually need African American voters, they’ve forced Trump to make a statement admitting that Obama was, in fact born, in the U.S.

And yet somehow Trump managed to even turn that into a clown show.

First of all, he used the statement to trick the media into giving his new hotel a 2-hour infomercial. He also failed to admit he was ever wrong or apologize. But what he did do was pad the statement with new lies. He’s now claiming that it was Hillary who started the birther movement back in 2008. (Not true.) He said she started the movement and he just “finished it.”

Trump’s campaign was really hoping that Friday’s statement would put this whole birther thing behind them. But, based on the reactions by prominent African Americans, I’d say that’s highly unlikely.

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC is in DC this week for meetings; and, following Trump’s comments, they had a major reaction. They are pissed. And they used a press conference Friday afternoon to set the record straight. They came out swinging hard and pulled no punches.

It’s great to see the CBC taking the gloves off. I sure wouldn’t wanna be Donald Trump right now….well, actually, I wouldn’t want to be him ever….but right now he’s really getting his ass handed to him.

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