The First 2 Real Post-Debate Polls Are Out!


Hillary had a great performance in Monday night’s debate. And despite Trump’s insistence that he won and is in the lead, the new post-debate polls show something else entirely.

Two new post-debate polls came out on Wednesday. And they both show some great news for Hillary.¬†The Morning Consult Poll is the first one to reflect reactions to Monday night’s first Presidential debate. The Ipsos/Reuters Poll¬†shows positive movement for Hillary over the past week. And it doesn’t even include the impact of the debate yet.

Last week’s national Ipsos/Reuters Poll showed Clinton and Trump tied at 39% head-to-head. And in a 4-way match-up Trump had a 2-point lead 39%-37%.

But this week’s poll which was conducted online from September 22-26 shows a much brighter picture. Following a great week for Hillary, Wednesday’s new numbers show her having a 6-point lead head-to-head….44%-38%. And in a 4-way race she’s leading by 4 points….42%-38%.

In the Morning Consult Poll almost half of the likely voters surveyed believe that Hillary won Monday night’s debate. 49% declared her the winner, compared to 26% who called Trump the victor. Another 26% couldn’t decide who won.

This poll also shows that after watching the first debate a big majority of likely voters are likely to watch the next two debates as well. 53% said they were “much more likely.” And 34% said “somewhat more likely.”

Real Clear Politics averages all of the polls. And they now have Hillary leading by 3 points….47%-44%.

Now here’s the thing….even though Hillary is leading and trending upward, we cannot become complacent. This election is going to be close. And we can’t afford to take anything for granted…even if she continues to extend her lead.

Polling is nothing more than a snapshot of time. They give us a good indication of how voters feel right now. But they are very fluid and can change quickly. At the end of the day the only poll that really matters will be on November 8.


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