Hillary Just Gave A BRILLIANT Speech That No One Saw -VIDEO


The media was so busy covering Trump on Wednesday that they totally missed an absolutely brilliant speech from Hillary.

There is no question that Hillary Clinton gets far less media coverage than Donald Trump….well, far less positive coverage, that is. On Wednesday, the media was so consumed with covering every move and word that Trump spoke throughout the day that they totally missed an absolutely brilliant speech from Hillary.

She was in Cincinnati, Ohio speaking to the American Legion’s National Convention. She spoke of America’s greatness. And she explained the truth about America’s place in the world. She also explained her plan to strengthen the VA and talked about increasing cyber security. She even managed to get in several good shots at Trump.

It really is remarkable how differently these two candidates view our country and the world. We can disagree about policy issues between the two, but the fact is that fundamentally they start from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Trump sees things very bleak and negative and scary. Hillary is far more optimistic about both where the country is today and where it will go in the future.

And while the media is doing their best to highlight every outrageous and vile thing Trump says or does, Hillary is busy actually doing the work. She has definitive plans and details of HOW she will do things. The same certainly can’t be said of Trump. Perhaps if the media would give her equal time and air HER speeches, more Americans would understand this.

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