Trump supporters have mastered several NeoCon talking points. Well it’s time to respond….

These are actual comments made on my Liberal Facebook page by Trump supporters. There are times when it’s best to ignore stupidity. But sometimes you just have to drop some truth bombs on the ignorant….bless their little hearts.

“Liberals don’t love America. You want to change everything awesome about this country.”

Liberals do love this country. We love this country so much in fact that we believe in always striving to make it better for ALL citizens. When you say that we want to change everything awesome about this country you are either confused or misinformed or our definition of “awesome” is very different.

Now, if you mean that the “awesome” things we want to change are things like racism, voter suppression, an inadequate health care system, rampant gun violence, destruction of our planet, hatred because of sexual orientation or religion, threats to a woman’s right to choose, or a dysfunctional Republican-led Congress…. well then, YES, we absolutely want to change those things.

“Liberals are not good sports. When they lose they try to cheat to steal the election, like they did when they made Florida recount thousands of ballots by hand in 2000….and like they did when Donald Trump won.”

OK, newsflash…when a vote is too close to call you recount the ballots. Surely you’re not suggesting that the Dems should’ve just handed over the White House without any sort of proof that Dubya had won the vote. As it happened, nepotism – not the vote – put the war-mongering doofus into office in 2000. But maybe that’s your idea of a”good sport.”

And as for Trump’s win, there were many reasons to examine the vote. Between the FBI Director making false statements, Russian interference, gerrymandering, years of lies and propaganda against Hillary, Trump’s insistence that the election was rigged, and the fact that his win went against every poll and forecast, Democrats had ample reason to question the results.

And I know you righties hate to acknowledge this, but Hillary also won the popular vote by nearly THREE MILLION. That means that more people in this country voted against Trump than voted for him. You guys love to say that if you eliminate California and New York, Trump would’ve won the popular vote. Yeah, well if you eliminate Russia Hillary would be POTUS.

“Trump is going to repeal the nightmare that is Obamacare. Democrats want to continue to force hard-working Americans to not only pay for their own health insurance (which is vastly different than health care), but they also have to pay for the health care of those who don’t want to pay for their own. And if we refuse, we are penalized at tax time.”

First, thank you for Trumpsplaining to me that there’s a difference between health care and insurance. Man, nothing gets past you guys.

And since you’re so informed on the insurance aspect, let’s talk about that. Now, I’m not even going to go into how broken our system was before, or how Obamacare was drafted, or who originally came up with the idea, or why so many ridiculous concessions were made for the final bill. I’m just going to try to explain it so that even you can understand.

I do realize that a very common belief on your side is “I’ve got mine. Screw everyone else.” But thankfully, the rational people in this country don’t happen to share that sentiment. Think of it like this…while it might go against your very selfish beliefs, insurance is one of those things that civilized cultures use to pool resources for the common good.

“You voted  for a woman who caused the death of a U.S. Ambassador, along with several others in Benghazi. Then she lied about it. And the only reason you let her get away with it and voted  for her is because she’s a woman.”

I’ll tell you what…as soon this Republican-led Congress starts holding hearings looking into intelligence failures of 9-11, the lies that got us into a bogus war with Iraq, or any of the 13 embassy attacks that happened on Bush’s watch, then maybe we can talk about the tragedy in Benghazi and the real reason for this partisan witch hunt for Hillary.

Until then, I will just point out that: out of all of the numerous investigations led by the GOP, Hillary has been found innocent of any wrongdoing. That’s YOUR guys who’ve failed to find anything nefarious. And for the record, my support for Hillary had nothing to do with her being a woman but everything to do with her qualification to lead this country…. ESPECIALLY in comparison to Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump will not make us pay for someone else’s birth control. You lazy Liberals need to pay for your own. A box of condoms costs less than $10. I’m sick of being forced to pay for you to have sex.”

And once again we’re back to that mantra of “I’ve got mine. Screw you.” Seriously, selfish much??

Here’s the point (which you clearly don’t get) about birth control… if health insurance is going to cover things like Viagra, then it damn sure should cover birth control, first of all. I’m very happy for you that you can easily afford to buy whatever you choose, but there are many women in this country who simply cannot. And, for a party who is so vehemently against abortion, I would think that you would be all for anything that would cut down the abortion rate.

“Gay people can now sue Christians into baking their wedding cakes. Pretty soon leaders of churches will be forced to perform gay weddings against those churches’ beliefs. And unlike Trump, Democrats want to take property and tax exempt status from churches. Gay marriage DOES have a bearing on my traditional marriage because the government has shoved its way into something that is a religious ordinance and has been so since the dawn of time.”

Do you really want to make the argument that gays shouldn’t be allowed the same rights as you because of religion?? Really? OK, let’s talk about that. You are actually wrong about your version of marriage being a religious ordinance since the dawn of time. You are conveniently leaving out centuries of arranged marriages between family members, polygamy, and strategic alliances between families just for a few examples. And guess what? All of these were openly practiced and written about in the Bible. So you’re trying to tell me that those things don’t affect your marriage but gays marrying do??

And when you consider the fact that you voted for a man who is a serial cheater, a sexual predator, and has been married multiple times, I’d say your bigotry toward gays is beyond hypocritical.

And hey, if a church is preaching politics or contributing in any way to anything remotely political, then they damn sure should be taxed.

“The mantra of homosexuality is ‘You will like us or else!’ In fact, that “Or Else!” is kind of a thing with Liberals. Love Islam or else! Love abortion or else! Love Barack Obama or we’ll call you racist! Love illegal aliens or we’ll call you heartless!”

Wow. Hate much?? Seriously righties, it’s called TOLERANCE and COMPASSION and EMPATHY for people who are different from you…. you should try it sometime. I’m pretty sure that they won’t take away your Neocon card if you test it out a time or two.

“Climate change is a hoax. There is some natural fluctuation in the Earth, but humans have nothing to do with it. And climate change has become such a political issue that scientists who come out and say that nothing humans do affects the climate, for good or ill, get shut down for speaking heresy.”

(*face palm*…. Why do righties have such a hard time with this concept??)

The warming trends that we are seeing now are proceeding at a rate that far surpasses anything that has ever happened on this planet according to nearly all climate scientists. There is absolutely no question that the increased levels of greenhouse gasses are causing our planet to warm. And there is nothing political about the fact that this effect is man-made.

You really don’t have to take my word for it. Just open up those righty eyes and look at the overwhelming amounts of evidence. Over the past 10 years global sea levels have more than doubled the rate at which they have been rising for the past century. Global temperatures have continued to rise with 10 of the warmest years ever happening in the last 12 years. The oceans are setting warming records. Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets have decreased in mass. We are experiencing more and more record- breaking extreme weather events. Carbon dioxide is causing ocean acidification.

I could go on, but my guess is that no amount of factual evidence is going to make you venture away from your political party talking points, so I’ll save my words.

“Listen you libtards, you’re welcome to come and try to take my guns. Thing is, if you do, you’re going to have to bring along even bigger firepower to force gun owners to give up their firearms. And gun owners are NOT going to take kindly to being told what to do or being forced to do it. Long story short: It won’t end well.”

Oh, aren’t you just adorable calling me a libtard. Don’t worry, I understand that when you find yourself at a loss for anything intelligent to say, righties always resort to juvenile name calling. But I do have to ask, out of all of the names that you could think of to call me, the best you could come up with was “libtard”?? Really??

And as for your disturbing comments about guns…well, all I can say is that YOU are the reason that we need common sense gun legislation NOW.


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