Keith Olbermann Is Back! And He’s Got A LOT To Say About Trump -VIDEO


Keith Olbermann has finally realized that if he really wants to hear hard facts and honest analysis of this insane election, he’s going to have to come back and do it himself.

Keith Olbermann has been sorely missed this election season. But now, thanks to GQ he’s back on the airwaves.

Olbermann is the new Special Correspondent for GQ. And he will be hosting his own bi-weekly web show called The Closer. The format of the show is very reminiscent of Olbermann’s “Special Comment” segment from his old MSNBC show Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

This first episode debuted Tuesday and is called “176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President.” Most of Olbermann’s shows will be less than 10 minutes, but this episode is just over 17.

He expertly shows us in this clip how dangerous and unhinged Trump really is. In fact, he literally gives 176 reasons why Donald Trump should never be President of this country.

“Our society has thrown up these people before: Joseph McCarthy. George Wallace. Father Coughlin. Jefferson Davis. Aaron Burr. The Know-Nothings. The Blacklisters. The America-Firsters. And we have always thrown them out. And now our generation has its own: the most dangerous individual ever nominated by a major party for the highest office in this country.

His base wants few details and fewer facts; they just want to burn it down and blame their failures on the collective “other.” And Donald John Trump is their demonic messiah in Oompa Loompa’s clothing. We must stop him.”

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