Now This Is How A Real Leader Reacts To A Terror Attack -VIDEO


Following the terror attacks that happened this weekend, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made statements. One candidate looked like a fear-mongering, self-absorbed buffoon. The other showed us how a President responds.

The country has just suffered a very violent and bloody few days. Over the weekend there were two bombings. One was in Chelsea, New York. And the other was in Seaside Park, New Jersey. We also had a stabbing spree in Minnesota, a shootout between the bombing suspect and police; and then, on Sunday night, there were even more explosives found at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Monday morning, both Clinton and Trump made statements about the terror attacks. Their responses couldn’t have been more different. One candidate used the incidents to fear-monger and attack Muslims and immigrants. He also exploited the entire thing for the purpose of congratulating himself and scoring cheap political points.

The other responded like a responsible leader.

Trump said, “I called it before the news.” He also insisted that the police are not arresting terrorists because they’re too worried about political correctness to do racial profiling. He blamed our immigration policy. He also went back to calling for religious tests to get into the country. And all of it was wrapped up in one big attempt to scare the hell out of Americans.

As The New York Times put it,

“Both candidates reached for the mantle of toughness, in starkly different ways. Mrs. Clinton stressed her national security credentials, measuring her words carefully and charging Mr. Trump with recklessness. Mr. Trump gave no ground, sounding a note of furious alarm and drawing a direct line between the attacks and an immigration system he has roundly denounced.”

Donald Trump is a fear-mongering, self-absorbed buffoon who is willing to use an attack on our country for his own political gain.

Now let me show you what a real President looks like…..

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