President Obama Back Out On The Campaign Trail And He Came Out Swinging!! -VIDEO


Nobody gives a campaign speech like Obama. Nobody. And if this one doesn’t fire you up for Hillary….nothing will.

On Tuesday President Obama hit the campaign trail to stump for Hillary in Philadelphia. And he was absolutely brilliant.

After four years, it’s easy to forget just how good Obama is at campaigning and getting a massive crowd fired up. But, as you can plainly see in this clip, he’s not even remotely rusty. President Obama is all in for Hillary Clinton. And his enthusiasm is contagious.

I think one of the things that makes him so great at campaigning is that he uses hard facts and common sense to make his points. And he takes those truths and delivers them with charm, dignity, and humor.

It’s really a study in contrasts to compare an Obama stump speech with one of Trump’s. They couldn’t be any more different. Unlike Trump’s pessimistic message of hate and fear, Obama is able to acknowledge things that need improvement in this country while still delivering optimism.

In Tuesday’s speech Obama clearly pointed out reasons why Donald Trump should never be President of this country. And, more importantly, he showed several very important reasons why Hillary Clinton should.

“Do you mind if I just vent for a second? You know, you don’t grade the Presidency on a curve. This is serious business. And when we see folks talking about transparency. You wanna debate transparency? You’ve got one candidate in this race who’s released decades worth of her tax returns. The other candidate is the first in decades who refuses to release any at all. 

You wanna debate foundations and charities? One candidate’s family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. The other candidate’s foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a 6-foot tall painting of himself. I mean, he had the sense to not go for the 10-foot version I guess.”

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