Seth Meyers Humiliates Trump And His Birther Lie -VIDEO


Donald Trump built his political career on a birther conspiracy theory. And now, after spending five years peddling this lie, NOW he wants to pretend it all away? Not so fast, orange man….you’ve got some explaining to do.

Donald Trump is the king of the birther movement. As soon as our first African American President took office, Trump started suggesting that Obama was not an American. As a matter of fact, Trump beat the birther drum so hard that soon many Americans also bought into the lie.

And, even after the President put out the long form of his birth certificate, Trump continued pushing this racist conspiracy theory until last Friday.

After being forced into it by his campaign, Trump held a news conference to tell us that Obama was really born in the U.S. Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

Well actually, it was more of an infomercial for his new hotel with 30 seconds thrown in at the very end to talk about the birther nonsense. So did he admit that he was wrong? Of course not. Did he apologize? Nope. But what he did do was turn the entire thing into Hillary’s fault. He claimed that it was actually Hillary who started the whole thing. He said she started it all…I only finished it.

So basically, just another big fat lie on top of the original big fat lie.

The news media may not be willing to call Trump out….although I still have hope they will come around….but, fortunately for all of us, we still have people like Seth Meyers.

This clip is from Monday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. And it’s easily the best thing you’ll watch all day!

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