Trump Just Made His Disastrous Flint Visit Much, Much Worse


Trump had an absolutely disastrous visit to Flint. His speech in front of a black church was an embarrassment. And by lying and attacking the black Pastor one day later, he just made things even worse.

Well we all knew that the new “disciplined” Trump wouldn’t last long. As much as his campaign managers want him to stay on message and pivot to a more sane candidate, Trump just can’t do it. When he goes off the teleprompter, he goes off the rails. Every. Single. Time.

On Wednesday Trump made a visit to Flint, Michigan to talk about the water crisis. Or, to be more accurate, he went to Flint for a cheap photo op.

While he was in Flint he also went to speak at Bethel United Methodist Church…an historic African American church. This was billed to be another attempt by Trump to reach out to minority voters. But the truth is he was using African Americans as props. Again. His only use for appearances like this one is to try to convince his white base that he’s not a racist.

Spoiler alert….he IS a racist.

So, being clueless as ever, Trump went before the black congregation and started his usual Hillary bashing. That’s when Rev. Faith Green Timmons interrupted him and told him that he was not invited to give a political speech. The interruption seemed to completely fluster Trump, and he wrapped up his comments about 90 seconds later.

According to church members who were in the room, the small crowd was not friendly to Trump. In fact, he was being so heckled that the Pastor had to quickly escort him off stage and admonish the group for being disrespectful.

It’s safe to say that his Flint visit was an unmitigated disaster. But, Thursday morning, he made the situation much much worse.

Thursday morning, Trump went on Fox & Friends and not only lied about everything that happened in that church– he also attacked the black Pastor.

Trump told the Fox hosts that Rev. Timmons was a “nervous mess” who purposefully sabotaged him to make him look bad. He said that was her big plan all along. He said,

“When she got up to introduce me she was so nervous, she was shaking, and I said ‘Wow, this is sort of strange,’ and then she came up. So she had that in mind, there’s no question about it.”

And he didn’t stop there. He went on to claim that the congregation was totally on his side, cheering him on. He said that the black churchgoers stood with him against their own Pastor. Of course, all of that was one big fat lie.

“I’ll tell you what really made me feel good, the audience was saying ‘Let him speak, let him speak!’ and the audience was so great. And these are mostly African-American people, phenomenal people, and they want to see change. I mean you know they’re living in — you have to see, the crime rate over there is ridiculous.”

None of that happened. It was quite the opposite, actually.

So much for respecting and listening to voters who oppose him….not that he’s never done that…but he keeps promising that.

This Flint disaster is just one more example of the true Trump. When he doesn’t have words written by other people in front of him, he goes off the rails every time. Especially if his audience is not full of screaming Trump-lovers. When left to his own devices, he always resorts to name-calling, personal attacks, and blatant lies. Every. Single. Time.

The man is nothing if not consistent.

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