Trump Answers Questions About His Foundation And Birtherism


Since last Friday the media has been going pretty hard on Trump. And with all the bad press he’s had for the past week, he’s refused to take reporters’ questions. Well he finally gave into the pressure and faced the music. After this interview there’s one thing I can tell you for sure….Trump is having a very bad week.

Last Friday Trump may have finally pushed the media too far. His campaign promised them that he was going to make a statement on birtherism. But when the press showed up they had to sit through a 30 minute infomercial for Trump’s new hotel. At the very end he spent about 30 seconds discussing his new birther stance.

Did he admit he was wrong? No. Did he apologize? Not even close. What he did instead was to blame the entire thing on Hillary. Because of course he did.

And after his little statement he refused to answer any questions. The press realized they’d been conned and they haven’t let up on him since.

On Tuesday a story came out in the Washington Post with several shocking revelations about Donald Trump’s foundation. The Post found that Trump used money from his charity foundation to pay his own legal bills.

And again after this story broke Trump wouldn’t take questions. But Wednesday in Ohio at a rally Trump sat down for a few questions from a local reporter in Toledo. Trump told him that he was running late and only had time for 3 questions.

Here’s the full transcript for the interview from ABC6/Fox28 in Toledo….


Ben Garbarek: “I first want to talk about the race here in Ohio. The polls are very close. Do you feel you need Governor Kasich’s support in order to win here in Ohio?”

Trump: “No, I don’t think so actually. We’re doing very well. We’re five points up and we have great support. Your senator is doing a really, really good job too and he’s with us 100 percent and we’re with him.”

BG: “And with the Washington Post report out this week about the Trump Foundation. Could you explain to people why you may have used some charitable donations for personal uses?”

Trump: “The foundation is really rare. It gives money to that. It’s really been doing a good job. I think we put that to sleep just by putting out the last report.”

BG: “This announcement earlier this week with you saying that you believe President Obama was in fact born in the United States, after all the years where you’ve expressed some doubt, what changed?”

Trump: “Well I just wanted to get on with, I wanted to get on with the campaign. A lot of people were asking me questions. We want to talk about jobs. We want to talk about the military. We want to talk about ISIS and get rid of ISIS. We want to talk about bringing jobs back to this area because you’ve been decimated so we just wanted to get back on the subject of jobs, military, taking care of our vets, etc.”

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