Trump Surrogates Are Learning The Hard Way….Joy Reid Don’t Play -VIDEO


Joy Reid is putting the rest of the media to shame. Other journalists should take note.

Joy Reid is one of the few members of the media who is practicing responsible journalism right now. She is putting on a clinic of how to hold Trump surrogates accountable for what they’re saying. My favorite thing about her is that she absolutely will not allow lies to go unchecked.

In September on MSNBC’s AM Joy, she interviewed Boris Epshteyn, a Trump senior adviser. She also had on MSNBC terror analyst Malcom Nance. The topic of the discussion was Trump and his affinity for Vladimir Putin.

There were several very heated moments between Reid and Epshteyn. But no matter how many times he lied or tried to pivot to anti-Hillary talking points, Joy wasn’t having it.

I have to say that it’s really refreshing to see her hold people’s feet to the fire. God knows we have heard enough of the talking points out of the Trump campaign. The thing we rarely hear from them are actual answers to the questions they are asked.

We all know that Fox News isn’t going to correct any of the lies or conspiracy theories floated by Trump and his surrogates. But it’s been extremely disappointing to see the rest of the “Liberal media” follow Fox’s lead. CNN has surrogates on representing both sides every day, but I haven’t seen one host actually stop and set the record straight about outright lies.

So-called journalists covering Trump could learn a thing or two from Reid. If they’d paid attention sooner maybe we wouldn’t be stuck with an unstable man-child PEOTIS now.

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