Trump’s Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Gets A Thrashing By The Women Of The View -VIDEO


“Kellyanne honey, I’m a New Yorker. Don’t BS a BS-er.”

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has arguably the toughest job in politics. She can’t rationally defend all of the things Donald Trump says and does. But she does give it the old college try…I’ll give her that. Unfortunately, I don’t think her whole strategy of answering every question she’s asked about Trump with an attack on Hillary is helping her candidate.

On Thursday morning Conway made an appearance on ABC’s The View. I do give her credit for being brave enough to face the panel of women who regularly criticize Trump. But my guess is that about 3 minutes into this interview she was regretting her decision.

Whoopi Goldberg was particularly tough on Conway. She pushed her to answer about Trump’s tax returns, his attack on women’s looks, and his illegal business with Castro in Communist Cuba. Apparently Conway has been taking notes from Trump. She couldn’t answer one question about Trump with a real answer. Instead she stumbled and fumbled and tried to turn every answer into Hillary-bashing.

The ladies had to remind her more than once that she was supposed to be answering questions about Trump…not Hillary. And when Conway tried to spin, lie, and make excuses for her boss Whoopi said,

“Kellyanne honey, I’m a New Yorker. Don’t BS a BS-er.”

It was almost funny to watch. Every time the ladies gave her a question she couldn’t answer she got this nervous smile on her face….and she smiled a lot.

I think it’s safe to say that the women of the view made Kellyanne Conway look as foolish and ignorant as Trump.

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