While We Were Watching The Debate, Something Extraordinary Happened In The World Of Sports -VIDEO


Monday night, most of the country was watching the first Presidential debate. But while we were focused on Trump and Hillary, something extraordinary happened in the world of sports. Even if you’re not a sports fan, this will warm your heart.

Jose Fernandez was a 24-year-old Cuban-American professional baseball player in the middle of a superstar career. Fernandez was a starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins who was not only extremely talented but also beloved by his teammates and sports fans across the country.

But on Sunday, Fernandez was tragically killed in a boating accident in South Florida. He’d had an argument with his pregnant girlfriend on Saturday night. So he tried to cool off by rounding up a couple buddies to go for a late night boat ride.┬áThe Coast guard found the overturned boat early Sunday morning, and all three men had already died.

Shortly after the news of Fernandez’s death got to his devastated teammates, the Marlins decided to cancel Sunday’s game. And when they took the field Monday night, the entire team honored their friend by wearing Fernandez jerseys.

Dee Gordon is the second baseman for the Marlins and one of Fernandez’s best friends. At Monday night’s game Gordon was the first player at bat, wearing both Fernandez’s jersey and his helmet. Gordon is a skinny 160 pounds, and he rarely hits the long ball. But Monday night something special happened.

When Gordon, who’s a lefty, took the plate for the first pitch, he lined up to hit right-handed to pay tribute to Fernandez. And, almost as if he had divine intervention, on the third pitch Gordon knocked it out of the park for a home run.

Gordon said he believes that Fernandez was there with them. And Gordon insists that he was no hero for scoring the run. He believes that whoever hit first was destined to hit that homer.

The home run was impressive but the best part of the night was watching the emotional reactions from his teammates and the fans. Even if you’re not really a sports fan this video will warm your heart.

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