Alec Baldwin Plays Trump On Saturday Night Live Season Premiere…..And He Was Brilliant! -VIDEO


SNL is back….and their parody of the first Presidential debate with Clinton and Trump was brilliant!

This weekend NBC’s Saturday Night Live kicked off its 42nd season. And they opened with a hilarious skit about the first Presidential debate held last Monday. Emmy Award winning Kate McKinnon was back playing Hillary Clinton. Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump. And to make this brilliant 3-some complete, Michael Che played Lester Holt.

Last season Darrell Hammond played Trump, and he really was pretty good. But Alec Baldwin’s portrayal and mockery of Trump was absolutely priceless. He managed to impersonate many of Trump’s mannerisms perfectly, including the weird things that Trump does with his mouth and his erratic volatile behavior.

Baldwin also made fun of the way that Trump likes to project his own failures and mistakes onto Clinton.

“She’s the one with the bad temperament. She’s always screaming. She’s constantly lying. Her hair is crazy. Her face is completely orange, except around the eyes where it’s white.”

This season premiere was highly anticipated, and people were very excited to see how they would parody the first debate between Trump and Clinton. I think it’s safe to say that SNL just knocked one out of the park. The ironic thing is that Monday night there were many moments when it was tough to differentiate between the real debate and an SNL skit.

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