Ben Carson Goes Off The Rails Trying To Defend Trump Over Sexual Assault Allegations -VIDEO


Trump surrogates are twisting themselves up like Russian gymnasts trying to defend Trump over his own bragging about and allegations of sexu@l ass@ult. 

Since the release of the Access Hollywood tape where Donald Trump is heard bragging about sexu@l ass@ult, his surrogates have been desperately trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug and change the topic. Unfortunately for them….and Trump….the tape was followed by several women coming forward to tell their own stories of being ass@ulted by him.

And even though team Trump has insisted that all of the women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexu@l improprieties are to be believed, they’re now trying to call Trump’s accusers liars.

Friday morning, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Ben Carson tried to find some way of threading that needle. But instead of making any sense of this whole thing…or making any sense at all, really….he went into some kind of strange train metaphor.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but most of what Carson said made absolutely no sense. He refused to answer any of the panel’s questions, and he got increasingly belligerent and unhinged as the interview went on. It reminded me of watching Sarah Palin.

After implying that the women were lying, Katy Kay asked Carson directly if he actually believed that. He refused to answer with a simple yes or no. He said, “It doesn’t matter” if Trump’s accusers are lying. He also didn’t seem to care if Trump was lying.

To use his own train metaphor, in a strange attempt to defend Trump, Ben Carson went completely off the rails.

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