Bill Maher Has Some Very Sobering Things To Say About Trump In New Interview -VIDEO


Bill Maher is someone who makes us laugh by making fun of Donald Trump and politics. But in this new interview, Maher gets very serious….and he has some very sobering things to say about Trump and the state of this race.

Sunday morning CNN aired a brand new interview with the host of HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher. In the interview, Maher speaks to Fareed Zakaria about the state of this Presidential race. Instead of the comedy we usually hear from him, Maher gets very serious in this interview. And he has some dire warnings about Trump and the election.

Maher addressed the very dangerous rhetoric that Trump and his surrogates are now using about the election being rigged. And he put into words what many of us have been scared about. What happens after Trump loses?

Zakaria asked Maher what he thinks Trump will do if he does not win next month. Maher answered, “Not good things.”

He continued,

“I worry about that. He’s got his knuckle-draggers all riled up about the fact that this is a rigged election.”


“He’s got an army. Whats he gonna do with that army?… I think he’s gonna be the Che Guevara of deplorables,” Maher warned. “I think he’s gonna be a revolutionary out there. He’s gonna be a martyr to this loss and I don’t know what they’re prepared to do. They’re already talking about things like Second Amendment solutions.”

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