Bill Murray Crashes White House Press Briefing To Taunt Obama About Baseball -VIDEO


On Friday Bill Murray stopped by the White House to see President Obama. And he also made a surprise visit to the James S. Brady briefing room to take a friendly jab at Obama about baseball.

Murray and Obama are both big baseball fans. Murray is a major Chicago Cubs fan but Obama loves the White Sox. Obama said,

“He was wearing a Cubs jacket — which for a White Sox fan is a little troubling.”

The Cubs, who are one of the longest-suffering teams in baseball, are just one game away from going to the World Series. So Murray is particularly rubbing it in.

When Murray crashed the press briefing, he went right up to the White House podium and did his best Obama impersonation. (I think he was also channeling the Cubs manager, Joe Maddon.)

Murray bragged,

“I feel very confident that (Dodgers ace) Clayton Kershaw is a great, great pitcher, but we got too many sticks.”

Looks like Sunday’s gonna be another big day for Murray. He will be at the Kennedy Center to receive the 2016 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. And it also just so happens that if the Cubs series goes to game seven, it too will be on Sunday.

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