Clinton NYC Headquarters Evacuated After Envelope With White Powder Found


As it seems more and more inevitable that Hillary will win the election, the crazy deplorables are getting desperate….and dangerous.

On Friday around 5:30 PM at Clinton’s New York City campaign office, an envelope was found containing suspicious white powder. The envelope was addressed to the Clinton campaign and was sent through the mail. After several people were exposed to the substance the office was evacuated.

As USA Today has reported,

“Federal and local officials determined the white powder sent though the mail was non-hazardous, campaign spokesman Glen Caplin told The Associated Press on Saturday. Four people were examined by medical personnel with no illnesses or injuries being reported.”

Hillary was not in the New York office when the powder was found…she was in Cleveland at a campaign rally at the time.

It is very fortunate that the powder turned out to be harmless. But it is extremely disturbing that something like this has happened. It was meant to threaten and intimidate Hillary and her campaign. This is the reality that we now find ourselves in after an absolutely disgusting, hate-filled and divisive election.

And this scare at the Clinton headquarters comes just one week after the GOP headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina was attacked.

Trump has carelessly used dangerous and divisive rhetoric for months now. It has created an atmosphere of hate and violence. And these frightening attacks are a direct result.

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