What FBI Director Comey Really Said


The fact that the media has shot to DEFCON 1 means little more than ratings. And as much as Trump and the Republicans want this to be a game-changer, that’s all it is…wishful thinking. 

Donald Trump, the GOP, and all three cable news channels are acting like they just found the winning lottery ticket. Suddenly the networks think they can turn this back into a close horse race….which would be great for ratings and page views. And Trump thinks this is his magic bullet to get him into the White House.

But, I assure you, the news of Hillary’s demise is grossly premature.

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Republican Congressional Committee Chairs saying that he is examining new emails to see if they may be relevant to Hillary’s case. Despite what we’re hearing from the Republicans today, Comey did not say they were “re-opening” an investigation into Hillary and her emails. He never used that language. He said they were reviewing the emails to see IF there was anything in them that was pertinent.

Trump is grasping at straws thinking Comey’s letter will lead to a Clinton indictment. Unfortunately for him, there is very little chance of that happening.

Here’s what the letter actually said,


The important part of this short letter is the second paragraph. Comey says that the FBI “has learned of the existence” of new emails that weren’t part of the investigation into Hillary. The new emails did not come from Wikileaks or from Podesta’s emails or from Hillary’s server. The emails were actually found in a separate investigation into Anthony Weiner. (Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, is a top Clinton Aide.)

Comey said that, as a result of these new emails coming to light, the FBI will “allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information.”

This means they aren’t reexamining their original findings. Comey has already said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would take up this case. He made it clear that charges were not warranted.

According to the letter they are simply reviewing new emails. There is no reason to believe that anything new will be discovered in these emails that they don’t know already. Seriously, what could possibly be found in emails from an Anthony Weiner investigation that we haven’t learned in all of the countless investigations into Hillary Clinton? The answer is nothing.

This news has very little chance of affecting the election. But one thing this letter does do is raise questions. And the first question is why did FBI Director Comey decide to put this information out just 11 days before a Presidential election? He could’ve sent this letter in two weeks….after they had some concrete information…and after the election. But he chose instead to insert himself into the last days of a Presidential race. Why?

It certainly doesn’t look good. It looks like Trump and the GOP demanded that James Comey and the FBI insert themselves into a Presidential election to sway the results. And 11 days before the vote Comey obliged.

Even Republican Senator John Cornyn questioned the timing of this whole thing.

The fact that the media has shot to DEFCON 1 means little more than ratings. And, as much as Trump and the Republicans want this to be a game-changer, that’s all it is…wishful thinking.


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