Gay Liberal Blogger Has A Hilarious Message To Anyone Thinking About Voting For Trump -VIDEO


Sometimes what you really need is an intelligent witty gay liberal to put things into perspective….

Randy Rainbow is a bit of an internet celebrity. He’s a comedian and blogger from New York. ┬áRainbow is probably best known for a series of very funny YouTube videos about fake phone conversations that went viral. He has also made some hilarious videos about the 2016 Presidential election.

In addition to being very informed and witty, he is also a gay liberal. And he’s got some very strong feelings about Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

Some of his viral political videos include a message to Mike Pence, “F*ck You Indiana,” and his great video about the debate, “BRAGGADOCIOUS! Randy Rainbow Moderates Debate #1.”

This video is called “Ya Got Trump Trouble.” And it parodies the situation this country has gotten itself into by making Donald Trump the Republican nominee.

And he nails it!

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