Newt Gingrich Spews Vitriol At Megyn Kelly, ‘You Are Fascinated With Sex!’ -VIDEO


Megyn Kelly gives Newt Gingrich a dose of reality and Newt comes completely unglued.

On Tuesday night Newt Gingrich gave an interview to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Several hosts on Fox have accused Kelly of supporting Hillary Clinton even though Kelly has never said which candidate she favors. They seem to be implying that she’s a traitor. And Newt attacked her as if he believes it as well.

As the interview went on, Gingrich got more and more agitated and angry. He argued with Kelly about polls and Donald Trump’s problems with sexual assault charges. At one point he went so off the rails that he shouted at Kelly, “You are fascinated with sex!”

It seems that Newt is awfully defensive lately. He still insists that Trump is going to win. But he’s certainly not acting like he believes that.

It wasn’t that long ago that Newt was speaking out chastising his candidate for saying things he shouldn’t have. He’s also criticized Trump for not staying on message.

But my, how things have changed.

Apparently we have reached the point where there’s absolutely nothing Trump could say or do that Newt won’t agree with and defend. It’s almost comical watching him tie himself into a pretzel trying explain why everything we’ve seen with our own eyes is untrue. Newt has definitely gone full Trump-bat-shit-crazy.

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