Oprah Has An Important Message To The People Who Don’t Like Hillary -VIDEO


Oprah has publicly declared that #ShesWithHer and now she’s telling the people who don’t like Hillary why they must vote for her too.

In 2008 Oprah Winfrey enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama. She hasn’t been as excited about Hillary Clinton….well until now, that is. She is now eagerly urging people to vote for Hillary. Even if they don’t like her.

Earlier this week Oprah taped an interview with evangelist T.D. Jakes. Oprah said that she hasn’t come out before now to really push for Hillary because this election has been so disgusting.

She explained,

“I didn’t know what to say that could actually pierce through all the noise, and the chaos and the disgusting vitriol that’s going on and actually be heard.”

And to all of the people who are still undecided (which is mind-blowing at this point) or who say they don’t find Hillary personally appealing, she said,

“She’s not coming over to your house! You don’t have to like her. You don’t have to like her. Do you like this country? Do you like this country? You better get out there and vote. Do you like the country? Do you like freedom and liberty? Do you like this country? Okay. Do you like democracy or do you want a demagogue?”

The interview will air Wednesday on the T.D. Jake Show.

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