Saturday Night Live Just Took On Trump’s Train Wreck Of A Week…And It Was HILARIOUS! -VIDEO


By any measure Donald Trump has had a horrendous week. And lucky for us Saturday Night Live is here to put the whole thing into perspective!

Trump’s week actually started out pretty good. Monday, Mike Pence had a great debate performance….well, if you overlook all the lies, and according to the polls anyway. And that seemed to breathe a little life into Trump’s floundering campaign.

But then, after spending days attacking a former Miss Universe, a bombshell ‘October Surprise’ came out on Friday. Trump was caught on live tape being vile and vulgar about women. And by Saturday a list of over 50 Republicans came out denouncing Trump, withdrawing their endorsements, and calling for him to step down.

Personally I really hope that Trump doesn’t step down. And I’m not alone. If the hilarious skits about Trump and Hillary over the past two weeks are any indication, SNL needs him to stay in as well.

This season Alec Baldwin is playing Donald Trump and Emmy award winning Kate McKinnon is back playing Hillary.

In this week’s SNL opening skit they started out with the Vice Presidential debate and then moved into Trump’s “apology” for the things he said on that newly released tape. Prepare yourself…the skit is not only extremely funny, it is also a bit racy.

They also welcomed back Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon for Weekend Update….they played two female undecided voters and they were hysterical!

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