Trump Encourages Supporters To Vote More Than Once To Fight Voter Fraud -VIDEO


Donald Trump told his supporters in Colorado that they could vote twice…or four or five times….to make sure that Dems committing voter fraud can’t steal the election. Yes, really.

Donald Trump has been saying there is massive wide-spread voting fraud going on in this country for months (which is a lie). And he’s been telling his supporters that the entire election is rigged. (Another lie). But, as with so many of Trump’s lies, his voters buy it hook, line, and sinker.

On Sunday night Trump had a rally in Greeley, Colorado. Colorado is one of the few states that mails out ballots to all registered voters. The ballots can be filled out and returned by mail. And Colorado voters also have the option of voting in person.

Trump told his Colorado crowd of around 2,000 supporters that they needed to take preemptive measures to be sure that Hillary and the Democrats don’t steal the election from him. He said in order to fight voter fraud, every Trump voter must be certain their vote is counted…even if that means they have to vote more than once.

“Who here has sent in their ballot? When you send your ballot in, do you think it’s properly counted?” To which the crowd shouted back, “No!”

He continued,

“You can check on your ballot to make sure it’s counted properly. You can go to [Greeley voting location] University Center and they’ll give you a ballot, a new ballot. They’ll void your old ballot and give you a new ballot. And you can go out and make sure it gets in.

In some places, they probably do that four or five times, but we don’t do that,” he joked.

But according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office and as reported by the Huffington Post,

“Trump appeared to be unaware that Colorado law prohibits voters who have already sent in their ballots by mail from “voiding” them and getting a new ballot so they can vote in person.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, the statewide voter registration system reads a unique barcode on each ballot sent in by mail, a process known as “binking in.” Once a ballot has been read, the registration system logs a particular voter as having voted. After that happens, the system won’t accept a second ballot from that person under any circumstances, and won’t “void your old ballot” so you can vote in person, as Trump suggested.”

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