The Disgusting Way Trump Has Responded To Hurricanes


Wanna know how Donald Trump will respond to Hurricane Matthew? Well, let’s just take a look at how he’s responded to other hurricanes….

With the east coast of Florida preparing for impact from the massive Category 4 storm, Hurricane Matthew, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have paused their campaigns.

One of the signs of a real leader is how they respond and react to natural disasters and human suffering. And right now, both campaigns are preparing to do just that. But if the past is any indication, there is only one candidate who is capable of empathy or concern for people directly affected. And her name is most certainly NOT Trump.

One of the most pathetic things about Trump…and there are many….is that he has little to no concern for anyone or anything but himself. For Trump the whole world revolves around him. And he sees absolutely everything from the perspective of how it can benefit him personally.

This hurricane has already killed over 100 people and is poised to do billions of dollars in damage to the east coast. But, sadly, Trump’s response to the devastation will likely be the same as his response to Hurricane Sandy.

After Sandy….while countless people were suffering, here’s what the self-absorbed buffoon had to say….

So far today Trump has only offered best wishes for the people in the path of the storm. But the day is young….


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