Trump TV Crashes On Night 2, Campaign Blames Secret Facebook Conspiracy


After just two days it looks like we can add Trump TV to the very long list of Trump failures.

On Monday night the Trump campaign kicked off their new venture. The “news show” is supposed to air every night at 6:30 pm (ET) on Facebook Live and appear on Trump’s Facebook page. The show is being filmed in the campaign war room in Trump Tower. And it certainly looks like this is some kind of test run for Trump TV.

The campaign says the show will directly stream Trump’s rallies every night. It will also feature conservative commentary both before and after the events. They are very excited about the new show after the campaign’s debate night Facebook Live last week got more than 9 million views.

But on just night two of Trump’s new venture, the broadcast crashed and burned.

Zeke Miller of Time Magazine says that on Tuesday night Trump’s viewers were left seeing nothing but a “black ‘setting configuration error’.”

After the feed came back up, the Trump campaign went back to the well of bizarre conspiracy theories. Naturally.

So apparently we can now add Facebook Live to the list of things Trump thinks are rigged. As his failed campaign is winding down, Trump is becoming more paranoid and more unhinged every day.

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