Twitter Hilariously Mocks Trump With #TrumpFinancialTips


Sometimes the best way to deal with Trump is to mercilessly mock him. #TrumpFinancialTips

Monday the New York Times published a bombshell article revealing that Trump lost nearly a billion dollars in 1995, and subsequently likely paid no federal income taxes for nearly two decades.

This is a really bad story for Trump and the Republicans. It highlights our terrible tax laws that favor the very rich like Trump. And it draws attention to the fact that Trump’s proposed tax and economic plans would not fix these unfair tax rates and loopholes. In fact, they would do the opposite. Trump’s plans would still favor the very rich, and they would put even more of a burden on the middle class.

If Monday night’s Twitter frenzy is any indication, Americans are not feeling Trump’s tax history. And to show their displeasure and disgust, tweeters started using the hashtag #TrumpFinancialTips, created by the Comedy Central show “At Midnight with Chris Hardwick,” to mercilessly mock the “genius.” And it was hilarious.

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