17% Of Trump’s Wisconsin Win Evaporates After Discovery Of ‘Error’ -VIDEO


The margin Trump won by in Wisconsin has shrunk to just 22,177. Literally 17% of Trump’s Wisconsin win just evaporated because of a discovered “error.” And this was BEFORE the Stein recount even started.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced on Wednesday that she is challenging the vote results in three critical swing states. And she has started a real grass-roots effort to raise enough money to force the recount.

Stein is calling for recounts in three crucial states that Hillary barely lost….Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania….because of voting irregularities and the real possibility of a cyber-hack into the electronic voting machines.

One of the reasons democratic activists want the votes recounted is because the data shows that in the Wisconsin counties that used electronic voting machines, Hillary received 7% fewer votes than in the counties that used paper ballots and optical scanners.

New York Magazine reports that if in fact the Wisconsin vote was tampered with Hillary could have lost 30,000 votes. She only lost the state by 27,000.

But that’s not all.

Outagamie County in Wisconsin had four precincts….Cicero, Grand Chute, Bear Creek, and Hortonville….that reported discrepancies in their final vote tally. They found that the precincts actually had fewer voters than the final vote count showed.

It’s worth noting that Hillary currently has more than a two million vote lead nationwide. And votes are still being counted.

According to Snopes,

“The Towns of Cicero and Grand Chute along with the Villages of Bear Creek and Hortonville are where unofficial election results showed less ballots cast overall, than the number of total votes in the presidential election. The discrepancies led some to take to social media, questioning what happened, calling for a Hillary Clinton victory.

In a statement to Action 2 News, explaining the discrepancy in Hortonville, Lynn Mischker, the Village Clerk-Treasurer wrote, “In order to give election returns to the Outagamie County Clerk’s office as quickly as possible the Chief Inspector added together the votes from the election machine tapes. An error was made while keying the numbers on the calculator during this process resulting in an incorrect number of votes reported on Election night.

The official process of tallying the votes was completed and rechecked. These vote numbers were recorded and delivered to the Outagamie County Clerk’s office the morning of November 9th. The official tally reflects the accurate votes in the Village.””

That means that the margin Trump won by in Wisconsin has shrunk to just 22,177. Literally 17% of Trump’s Wisconsin win just evaporated because of a discovered “error.” And this is BEFORE the Stein recount has even started.

And whether it’s coincidence or corruption, the Wisconsin precincts that made errors tallying their votes all favored Donald Trump. Once they corrected the errors Hillary’s vote totals remained unchanged.

Because of these discrepancies Hillary’s campaign has announced that they will also participate in the recount.

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