The Amazing New Reason So Many Anti-Trump People Are Wearing Safety Pins


There’s an amazing reason why so many people have started wearing safety pins. And if you are against trump and everything he stands for, you just may want to don one too!

You may have noticed that since the election safety pins are popping up everywhere. Many people are wearing them and making safety pins their profile pics. Well, it turns out there’s an amazing reason why. And if you are against trump and what he stands for, you just may want to don one too.

People are now wearing safety pins to show their solidarity with people who are victims of racism, bigotry, and discrimination. Many people in this country feel legitimately threatened by a trump presidency. The people wearing the pins are showing that they are an ally of the LGBT community, minorities, immigrants, and women.

The trend actually began on social media in the U.K. following the Brexit vote. The Brits wore them to make an anti-racism statement. They also wore them to show solidarity with people and groups who had been demonized and marginalized by the opposition.

The symbolism of the safety pin is that the people wearing them are a “safe” place for the people who are scared and upset right now. The idea being that anyone against the sort of nationalistic, racist violence we’ve been seeing could identify themselves as a safe ally.

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