Arkansas Ballots Have A ‘Typo’ With The Word ‘Liar’ In Hillary’s Name -VIDEO


“Hillary has an extra I in it, but Clinton is spelled perfectly correctly.”

Thanks to Donald Trump, this election has been absolutely disgusting. We’ve seen and heard more unacceptable and outrageous things than I can count. And now that we’ve reached the home stretch, the desperate dirty tricks seem to be coming on a daily basis.

Hillary voters in Arkansas have just uncovered a new one.

In Lonoke County, Arkansas, voters noticed that when they went to vote for Hillary Clinton, their ballots had a typo. Her name was printed with an extra “i,” which makes the word “liar” appear in the middle of her name….Hilliary.

When an anonymous voter came forward upset about the stunt…or “typo” as they’re calling it…she was blown off by election officials. So she went to the press.

She said,

“We were kind of convinced that they did it on purpose. After looking at it pretty carefully it looked like they had put in liar and that was after more information came out after her emails.”

When local news outlets inquired about the mistake, they were told by the chairman of the Lonoke County Election Commission, Jerry Shepard that, “We were not made aware of it until voting began.”

Shepard said,

“Hillary has an extra I in it, but Clinton is spelled perfectly correctly.”

After trying to get it fixed but getting nowhere with election officials, the anonymous voter said,

“They were just kind of like we know, we don’t think many people will vote for her so we can’t fix it.”

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