Bernie Sanders Is Building A Massive Coalition To March On Washington To Protest Trump -VIDEO


“Our job now is to hold him accountable.”

During the primaries Bernie Sanders built quite a movement in this country. And now that Donald Trump has won the election, Sanders is planning on using that movement….along with a huge group of Democrats…to fight and march on Washington D.C. against Trump and his agenda.

Sunday morning Bernie Sanders was on CBS’s Face The Nation. Bernie said,

“He won the election. I did everything I could to see that he not become elected, but he won. Our job now is to hold him accountable.”

He continued,

“If Mr. Trump in fact has the courage to take on Wall Street, to take on the drug companies, to try to go forward to create a better life for working people we will work with him on issue by issue. But if his presidency is going to be about discrimination, if it’s going to be about scapegoating immigrants or scapegoating African Americans or Muslims, we will oppose him vigorously.”

The show’s moderator, John Dickerson, asked Sanders what his…and the Democrats’… plan of action is at this point.

DICKERSON: “But are you talking about marches on Washington? Are you — what’s the action item for a nervous Democrat out there?”

SANDERS: “Is to understand that, on virtually every major issue, raising the minimum wage, climate change, pay equity for women, rebuilding our infrastructure, making public colleges and universities tuition-free, we are the majority.

That is what the American people want. And the Democrats will win elections by pounding away on those issues and talking about not giving tax breaks to billionaires, undoing Citizens United, a disastrous Supreme Court decision.

So, we are the majority. And, by the way, let’s not forget Hillary Clinton did win more votes than Mr. Trump did. So pound away on the issues that bring people together, fight vigorously against all forms of bigotry.”

After Tuesday’s crushing defeat, the Dems are now trying to regroup and find a new leader for the party who will defend and push a Progressive agenda that will resonate with the American people. Bernie has not been named that leader. But maybe he should be.

And Bernie’s message to Donald Trump?

“You talked about being the champion of the working families — all right now produce. Your rhetoric was great, now do something. But we will not accept racism, we will not accept sexism or xenophobia.”

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