Kellyanne Conway: Don’t Focus On Trump’s Conflicts Of Interest, Focus On Trump’s ‘Sacrifice’ -VIDEO


Donald Trump’s senior adviser and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says that Americans should stop focusing on all of Trump’s conflicts of interest and instead focus more on the “sacrifice” he’s making by becoming President.

Monday morning Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends. After allowing Conway to spin Trump’s disastrous transition into some kind of lovely Kumbaya, they finally asked her a question about the growing list of blatant conflicts of interest.

Fox host Brian Kilmeade asked Conway if she agreed that the Trump family will “have to work out where the business starts and the presidency starts.”

Conway casually blew off the worries that most of the country is having right now about the lines of Trump’s business and Trump’s presidency being blurred.

She answered Kilmeade,

“Oh well sure. But they are doing that…they have experts behind the scenes doing that, the adult children who already help him run that business and who obviously will be the stewards in their father’s absence are on top of that.”

Conway continued,

“It’s a unique situation to have such a successful a businessman that has so many holdings ascend to the oval office. But I also want people to see what a sacrifice it is. He has invested tens of millions of dollars and other deals have had to wait, because he’s doing this. But his adult children are right there, they’re already his colleagues, he’s already been their mentor and they’re already chief executives there.”

The problem is, handing off his many business interests to his children is anything but a blind trust….or ethical. Trump gave control of his empire to his kids and then proceeded to give them prominent positions on his transition team. So the people now putting together the U.S. government are the same people who are directing Trump’s businesses….the businesses that will be directly affected by that government.

Because Trump refuses to separate himself from obvious conflicts of interest, he is proving that he plans to use the presidency for personal financial gain. He’s outright flaunting it at this point.

So, sorry Kellyanne….but what Trump is doing is just plain wrong. And it damn sure is not “sacrifice.”

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