Obama Tells ‘Spooky Story’ To Comedian Samantha Bee On Halloween -VIDEO


In a very funny Halloween interview with Samantha Bee, President Obama warned what would happen if people don’t get out and vote for Hillary.

President Obama has said that he really, really, really wants Hillary to win the Presidency. And based on how tirelessly he’s been campaigning for her, I believe he just may get his wish.

Obama has been giving great stump speeches all across the country. He’s also been doing some outreach directly to young voters….including the young-at-heart….with the late-night political comedy shows. We’ve seen him slow jam the news with Jimmy Fallon, read mean tweets with Jimmy Kimmel, and Friday he will be sitting down with Bill Maher.

On Halloween Obama brought his late-night campaign tour to TBS’ Full Frontal with comedian Samantha Bee. You may remember Bee from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She spent 12 years working for The Daily Show. But when Stewart left, she branched out with a show of her own. She’s both smart and very funny…a great combo for political comedians.

When Bee sat down with Obama they talked about Halloween, sexism, Trump, millennials, and even told each other spooky stories. Obama said a really spooky story would be if young people don’t vote on November 8. He summed it up with just three words: “President Donald Trump.”

Bee scared Obama back with, “Supreme Court Justice Corey Lewandowski” and “House Speaker Louie Gohmert.”

“That was pretty scary,” Obama said. “I’m not sure I’m gonna sleep well tonight.”

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