This Steve King Interview Shows Why Americans Are So Terrified -VIDEO


In this one interview Republican Congressman Steve King called Steve Bannon “a patriot,” called a Muslim ban “interesting,” and said it’s OK to call people “dykes.”

Steve King is a Republican Congressman from Iowa. He is an extremist nut-job with a history of making outrageous statements. And he is now on the short list for a Trump cabinet position.

On Wednesday King gave an interview to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. In this one six-minute interview, he defended a white nationalist, called a Muslim ban “an interesting proposal,” and justified calling someone a “dyke.”

Steve Bannon is the head of the alt-right website, Breitbart News. He has given white nationalists a platform. And his site is packed full of misogyny, racism, and bigotry. He is also now a senior adviser in Trump’s administration.

When King was asked about Bannon he said,

“He is a brilliant strategist. A dedicated patriot. A historian. I don’t know why [McConnell] wouldn’t support Steve Bannon.”

Because he was so enthusiastic about Bannon, King was then asked if it was acceptable or appropriate that Bannon is on tape calling Liberal women a bunch of dykes. King said it depended on the context. Apparently he believes that in the right situation it’s just fine to label people with a gay slurs.

“Well, I hadn’t heard that tape, and I don’t know what the context of it would be in,” he said. “So no, I wouldn’t say I was either OK with it or not OK with it.”

And the Muslim ban?

“I think that’s an interesting proposal. When we bring people into this country, we ought to have a database on who they are. We ought to be able to track them.”

Then King basically spent the rest of the interview praising nationalism and nativism and fear-mongering about immigrants.

Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like King’s horrible fringe views….right along with Trump’s….are what we’re going to have to deal with for the next four years. God help us.

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