Don’t Despair Lefties….Here’s Where We Go From Here


These are the things I am committed to from here on. I hope you will join me. Hillary really was right when she said we are stronger together.

Now that we’ve had a little time to process what happened on election day, it’s time that we quit crying in our beers and get serious about regrouping. We are now the opposition. And it is imperative that we hold the other side accountable. We need to take all of the disappointment and shock and anger and fear that we’ve been feeling and use them to fuel us like never before.

It’s time that we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

First, we need to lean on each other and stay connected with our own side. We absolutely need to fight, but it is counterproductive for us to fight each other. Ripping our side apart by blaming the party, or Hillary, or Bernie, or anyone else at this point will not help us.

Second, we need to pay close attention and be prepared to make our collective voices heard every time Trump or the Repubs try to do something unacceptable. Every. Single. Time. It is vitally important to our cause that we stay engaged. Participate and join Progressive groups. Volunteer. Keep speaking out. Keep yourself informed. Call your Congressmen and Senators and hold their feet to the fire. And continue to share your view and the facts with others.

Third, we need to find outstanding Progressives and support them in running for office. There are more Democrats in this country than Republicans. And it’s time to deepen our bench. We need to rebuild. It’s time to infuse our side with new energy and new representatives who can effectively and clearly convey our message with the American public. And it’s up to us to find those messengers.

And fourth, we need to remain resolved, and we need to hold on to hope. We need to find a way to resist hate and despair. The more we can keep each other positive and determined the better. Don’t forget that there are a lot of people feeling gutted right now. Many people are scared and have lost hope. If we stay focused and keep each other positive about our message we have a much better chance of reaching other Americans.

These are the things I am committed to from here on. I hope you will join me. Hillary was right when she said we are stronger together.

We will get through this….we really will. And we will get through this together. Our road ahead is long but we are on the right side of history. It’s time we remember that. And it’s time to get to work. 2018 is right around the corner.

Let’s do this!


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