Gen. Flynn’s Son Argues With Jake Tapper Over Fake ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory


Even after a crazed gunman opened fire in a D.C. pizza joint over a dangerous fake news story, members of Trump’s team are still pushing “Pizzagate.”

So last month a “fake news” story was floated around by idiot Trump supporters on social media saying….I kid you not….that a pizza place in DC was actually the headquarters of a child sex slave ring organized by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

This caused Comet Pizza to be bombarded with threats of violence and wing-nuts claiming that they knew first hand of the pizza place’s child sex business. And then Trump’s new national security adviser, General Flynn, tweeted out the fake Hillary-sex-slave-pizza-joint article.

And surprise, surprise!

On Sunday some nut job with an assault rifle walked into Comet Pizza and opened fire. He told the police he was there to investigate “pizzagate.”

But apparently even a crazed gunman is not enough for these people who are now part of Trump’s administration to stop pushing this dangerous fake story.

General Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr., who is also part of Trump’s transition team, is now taking to Twitter to defend pizzagate. On Monday Flynn Jr. sparred with Jake Tapper over the story.

Tapper also sent some direct messages to Flynn asking him to show a single piece of evidence proving that Comet Pizza was “the site of a satanic pedophilia cult.”

Tapper said,

“Michael — the police called pizza gate a fictitious conspiracy theory tonight. Does someone have to die before you take this shit seriously. Spreading this nonsense is dangerous.”

“I want it to be false,” Flynn Jr. responded.

Then Tapper shot back,

“It is not the site of a satanic pedophilia cult. It is a fucking pizzeria. Show me what you’re talking about that proves a satanic pedophilia cult. Your tweet is wildly irresponsible. Listen to me. You are going to get someone killed. Maybe an innocent child. For what??????”

Flynn later posted a screen-grab of the exchange with the caption, “Want evidence??? I must’ve really hit a nerve.”

This is where we live now.

Words matter. Or maybe nothing matters anymore. At this point I guess it could go either way.

Good job righties.
You built that.

Featured image by Grant J Kidney

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