Jill Stein Drops Statewide Recount In Pennsylvania


Jill Stein and the Green Party have withdrawn their bid for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania.

Jill Stein and the Green Party have dropped their bid for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania. Saturday night Stein’s lawyer, Lawrence M. Otter, withdrew the lawsuit they had filed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Court.

The court filing to discontinue the count reads,

“Petitioners are regular citizens of ordinary means. They cannot afford to post the $1,000,000 bond required by the Court. Accordingly, kindly mark the above captioned matter withdrawn and discontinued.”

Stein also took to Twitter.

Stein announced in November that she was challenging the vote results in three critical swing states. And she started a major fundraising effort to raise enough money to force the recount. She has now raised almost $7 million.

Stein was calling for recounts in three states that Hillary barely lost….Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania….because of voting irregularities and the real possibility of a cyber-hack into the electronic voting machines.

In Pennsylvania, An updated count Friday by state election officials showed Trump’s lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton has shrunk to 49,000, from 71,000.

Earlier this week she did, in fact, file the paperwork to start the recount in all three states. So it’s incredibly disappointing that she’s now pulled out of Pennsylvania. As of Saturday night the recount in Michigan is still on. And the Wisconsin recount has already begun.

NPR reports,

“In Pennsylvania, though, Stein’s withdrawal brings an abrupt conclusion to a statewide effort that began there less than one week ago. “Recounts will still proceed in a handful of Pennsylvania precincts, but it is far from the statewide recount that Ms. Stein was hoping for,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

At this time, there is no indication that Stein’s campaign plans to drop its efforts in Wisconsin — where The Associated Press reports a recount is already underway — or in Michigan.”

HERE’S the latest update on the efforts in all three states.

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