Keith Olbermann Unleashes On Trump, ‘We Have Elected A Shitty Businessman’ -VIDEO


“We have elected a shitty businessman. Amid everything else from the psychosis to the orange bull in the nuclear china shop, we have elected a guy who doesn’t know the first thing about the U.S. economy.”

Keith Olbermann now has a web show on GQ called The Resistance. And on Tuesday’s show he lambasted Trump for being “a shitty businessman.”

Last week Trump announced a new deal with Carrier to stop less than half of their jobs from moving to Mexico. I keep hearing Republicans saying how great this Carrier deal is for the 800 workers who got to keep their jobs. I’m guessing that the 1300 who lost their jobs might disagree….especially after they realize that their tax money is now paying for the $7 million Carrier got for firing them.
But yeah….great deal.

Keith Olbermann addressed this horrendous deal on Tuesday’s episode.

He also pointed out the ridiculousness of Trump’s threats to place a 35% tariff on all products brought back into the country.

“First of all, that’s exactly what he did not do with the Carrier company in Indiana, the thing he is still boasting about, as if instead of a tax break for some rich guys what he had really done was give everybody eternal life.”

Olbermann continued to make his case about why this deal is so bad.

“But of course it’s far worse than that. Consider for a moment what would really happen if he really was able to unilaterally and immediately impose that 35 percent tax. Don’t think about the thousands of jobs at the hundreds of Carrier-style companies around the country right now. Think about the jobs as yet uncreated. Trump, shitty businessman, is telling companies domestic or international that if they open new plants in the U.S. or hire more Americans in their operations already in the U.S., there’s no going back. Those jobs had better be forever. If another company in Carrier’s position, let’s call them ‘Shmarrier’ hires one new employee in this country and then something happens to the economy or country or just of the Shmarrier company, and they have to fire that one guy and move his job to Canada or somewhere, suddenly according to the Trump Shitty Businessman Plan, there could be a 35 percent tax on all Shmarrier products sold in this country.”

“Explain to me the motive now for Shmarrier or anybody else ever to expand their U.S. business again. Explain to me the motive for Shmarrier or anybody else ever to hire another American worker again. Add to that, this idiot Trump states as if there were no laws, as if there was no Congress, as if there were no courts, that ‘there will be a tax’ like he could make one up as and when he wants it. What kind of business wants to invest in a country where the economy is predicated not on regulations or even just patterns but on the whims of one shitty businessman?”

At a time when “fake news” is running rampant, and the mainstream media refuses to hold Trump and the Republicans accountable, I’m really glad that voices like Keith Olbermann’s are stilling calling truth to power.

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