Kellyanne Conway Just Got Humiliated On CNN -VIDEO

Kellyanne Conway is increasingly having trouble trying to defend the actions of Trump and his family. Her attempts in this CNN interview to explain away all of the ‘pay to play’ going on in this new administration is downright pathetic.

On Thursday, Trump’s new “counselor to the president,” Kellyanne Conway, appeared on CNN’s New Day with Chris Cuomo. Cuomo had one basic question for her: How is accepting money in exchange for time with the President or coffee time and hunting trips with his kids not the exact same “pay to play” you attacked Hillary Clinton for?

Throughout the campaign Trump insisted that Hillary Clinton was corrupt because, while she was Secretary of State, she accepted donations to her foundation from people who wanted access to her.

He was wrong about Hillary. But as we’ve now seen countless times, whenever he accused Hillary of doing something wrong, it was little more than projection. Everything he’s accused her of doing, guaranteed he’s doing it himself.

Last week, the Trump team got caught in a pay to play scheme involving Trump’s daughter Ivanka. They were auctioning off coffee time with her to raise money for Eric Trump’s charity. The bid had reached nearly $80,000 before they got shamed into taking the auction down.

Then, this week, they got caught in another pay to play scheme. This time it involved friends of Trump offering time with the President-elect for a cool million or a hunting trip with his sons for the discount price of $500,000.

But at long last the media is starting to pay attention. And they want answers about the corruption and hypocrisy.

Cuomo said to Conway, “Are you aware of that solicitation that was going on and the sons’ involvement?”

Conway refused to answer the question and instead went into her tired old “attack the Clintons” mode. Then she went on to insist that what the Trumps are doing is “totally different” than what the Clintons did.

Cuomo pressed her. “That sounds like paying for access! So paying a million dollars to hang with the President is OK?”

Kellyanne got more and more flustered as the interview went on.

Watch her get humiliated trying to get out of this one.

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