Members Of Trump’s Campaign Are Now Making Open Appearances In Russia

Trump is not even trying to hide his ties to Russia anymore.

On Monday, Trump surrogate Jack Kingston was in Russia. Kingston said he made the trip to speak to American businessmen about what a Trump presidency will mean to them and what they should expect.

Though it should be noted that whatever was said in Kingston’s meeting has not been made public. All we know is what he’s told us. So at this point there’s no way to know what was actually discussed.

Right now, the priority of Putin, foreign businesses and apparently Trump, is to lift the sanctions on Russia. Western sanctions were imposed on Russia after Putin’s armed invasion of Ukraine.

Trump has been bragging about his relationship with, and affinity for, Vladimir Putin for a very long time. And he made it very clear on the campaign trail that he would be more friendly with Russia than past presidents. He also said he was inclined to reconsider the sanctions.

Kingston told NPR in Moscow,

“Trump can look at sanctions. They’ve been in place long enough. Has the desired result been reached? He doesn’t have to abide by the Obama foreign policy. That gives him a fresh start.”

And according to NPR,

“By chance, Kingston’s Moscow trip coincided with the visit of another Trump disciple, Carter Page, who once claimed to advise the Republican candidate on energy and Russia policy. The Trump campaign later distanced itself from Page after he came under scrutiny for his ties to Russia.

On Monday, Page held a news conference at the headquarters of Sputnik, a Russian state-run news agency, where he complained about the proliferation of fake news.”

Trump’s ties to Russia just keep getting deeper and deeper. And with each passing day, he is flaunting those ties more flagrantly. So many things about Trump are disturbing, but his bromance with Putin is arguably the most alarming.

This will not end well. But, in the meantime, how much damage can be done? The answer to that should put a chill up your spine.



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