North Carolina Legislative Coup, Public Barred From Viewing, Protesters And Journalists Being Arrested

What in the hell is going on in North Carolina right now??

Monday night North Carolina Republicans are attempting to rush through legislation that will strip power from their incoming Democratic Governor and state Supreme Court. They have just banned any public viewing or journalists from observing the proceedings. And now they’re arresting protesters and at least one journalist.

Slate is reporting,

“The North Carolina General Assembly is currently debating a series of Republican-sponsored laws designed to strip power from the newly progressive governor and state Supreme Court. If passed, these measures would have far-reaching effects on the state, significantly curtailing judicial independence, loosening environmental standards, diminishing the quality of public education, and preserving unlawful voter suppression laws. However, the public was not able to witness the debate over this de facto legislative coup on Thursday afternoon after the Assembly decided to close the House and Senate galleries and arrest a group of protesters, as well as a reporter.”

North Carolina Republicans have apparently gone insane. I don’t see how you can call this anything but a coup.

“With both legislative chambers cleared, the Assembly will continue debating the new proposals into the evening. The public has no way to watch the debate. A bill preventing Democrats from taking control of state and county election boards—as they were slated to do under current law—has already passed the Senate. Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers due to race-based gerrymandering that was recently ruled unconstitutional.”

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