The Office Of Government Ethics Trolls Donald Trump


Trump says he is handing off his business interests to his kids. And the Federal Office of Ethics has a lot to say about it.

On Wednesday Donald Trump put out a statement on Twitter saying that he will be holding a press conference in two weeks announcing that he is handing over control of his businesses to his kids.

Notice that Trump said nothing about divesting or using a blind trust. He instead said he will be handing his businesses off to his kids….the same kids who are on Trump’s transition team and are sitting in on meetings with foreign leaders. Without question, this is a huge conflict of interest.

So after Trump’s announcement, a very important government agency started trolling him on Twitter.

The Office Of Government Ethics is basically there to keep federal officials honest. According to OGE’s mission statement,

“When government decisions are made free from conflicts of interest, the public can have greater confidence in the integrity of executive branch programs and operations.”

On Wednesday OGE found a great way to let Trump know that his refusal to divest his business interests is a problem. The sarcasm in these tweets is delicious. And by repeating in each tweet that the right decision is for him to divest, they sent a message loud and clear.

Now let’s see if he takes the hint…..

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