Some Of The Rockettes Are Very Upset About Being Forced To Perform At Inauguration

The Radio City Rockettes will be performing at the Inauguration. But some of the high-kickers are very upset about being forced to perform for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s transition team announced this week that the iconic Radio City Rockettes will be performing at the Inauguration on January 20.

The Rockettes have released a statement confirming:

“The Radio City Rockettes, an original American brand, have performed at Radio City Music Hall since 1925 and, as treasured American icons, have taken part in some of the nation’s most illustrious events such as Super Bowl halftime shows, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades and presidential inaugurations, including in 2001 and 2005. We are honored that the Rockettes have again been asked to perform in the upcoming inauguration festivities.”

The famous precision high-kickers may end up being the biggest stars to perform for Trump’s Inauguration. There is a growing number of “A list” celebrities and artists who have flat out refused to participate. Some of the stars who want nothing to do with Trump or his Inauguration include:

  • Celine Dion
  • Elton John
  • Garth Brooks
  • Idina Menzel
  • Ice T
  • John Legend
  • Adam Lambert
  • The Dixie Chicks
  • Motley Crue
  • Andrea Bocelli

And even though the Rockettes will be performing, many of them are not happy about it. One of the dancers made her feelings known on Instagram.

“I usually don’t use social media to make a political stand but I feel overwhelmed with emotion,” Phoebe Pearl wrote.

“Finding out that it has been decided for us that Rockettes will be performing at the Presidential inauguration makes me feel embarrassed and disappointed.”

“The women I work with are intelligent and are full of love and the decision of performing for a man that stands for everything we’re against is appalling.

I am speaking for just myself but please know that after we found out this news, we have been performing with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts #notmypresident”

To make it even worse for these ladies, their union will not allow them to boycott the appearance. After the union learned that many dancers did not want to perform, the American Guild of Variety Artists sent an email to the group. It read in part,

“We have received an email from a Rockette expressing concern about getting ‘involved in a dangerous political climate’ but I must remind you that you are all employees, and as a company, Mr. Dolan obviously wants the Rockettes to be represented at our country’s Presidential inauguration, as they were in 2001 & 2005. Any talk of boycotting this event is invalid, I’m afraid.”

“It is a job, and all of you should consider it an honor, no matter who is being sworn in. The election is over and this country will not survive if it remains divided.”

The email concluded,

“If you are not full time, you do not have to sign up to do this work. If you are full time, you are obligated. Doing the best performance to reflect an American Institution which has been here for over 90 years is your job. I hope this pulls into focus the bottom line on this work.”

Based on the things Trump has said about and done to women, it comes as no surprise that many of the high-kickers don’t want to perform for him. It’s hard to believe any woman would want to legitimize this man. But, unfortunately for the Rockettes, their contracts say they have no choice. They may show up to dance on January 20, but don’t expect them to be happy about it.


On Friday afternoon after pressure mounted about this, a new statement came out from Mikyl Cordova, a spokeswoman for the Madison Square Garden Company, which manages the troupe.

“For a Rockette to be considered for an event, they must voluntarily sign up and are never told they have to perform at a particular event, including the inaugural,” the statement read. “It is always their choice.”

If it was public pressure that got them to allow the girls to opt out, then I say Bravo.

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