Republican Congressman: Russia ‘Did What The Media Should’ve Done’ -VIDEO

Apparently Trump and the Republicans believe that Russia was doing the honorable thing when they hacked into our election.

Republican Congressman from Arizona, Trent Franks, appeared on MSNBC with Hallie Jackson on Thursday. And he argued that there’s no “proof” that Russia interfered in our election. (Despite the fact that the CIA, FBI, DNI, and 17 other intelligence agencies all agree that Russia did in fact intervene in our election to help Donald Trump.)

Franks actually went as far as to praise Russia for doing what he said “the media should’ve done.”

The Trump surrogate said,

“I’m all for doing what’s necessary to protect the election here, but there’s no suggestion that Russia hacked into our voting systems or anything like that. If anything, whatever they may have done, was to try to use information in a way that may have affected something that they believe was in their best interest.”

Then unbelievably he added,

“But the bottom line, if they succeeded – if Russia succeeded – in giving the American people information that was accurate, then they merely did what the media should have done.”

As MSNBC put it,

“This is a bit like saying the Washington Post should have spent less time investigating the Watergate scandal and more time breaking into the DNC headquarters in order to give the American people “information that was accurate.””

And Franks is not alone making these outrageous statements. Following Trump’s lead, most of the GOP also agree that Russian espionage and theft are just fine….as long as it benefits them and hurts the Democrats.

It’s seriously mind-numbing that these people call themselves patriots. They apparently are willing to protect Trump and his connections to Russia at all cost. That includes sacrificing our nation and even democracy itself in the process.

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