3 New Skits You Must See! SNL Knocks It Out Of The Park On Their Season Finale! -VIDEO

SNL has kept us laughing this year, even when the election made us want to cry. And this year’s season finale might be their best one yet.

Saturday Night Live’s political skits have been outstanding this year. Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Hillary Clinton and Kellyanne Conway were spot on…and hilarious. And the only way to describe Alec Baldwin’s mockery of Donald Trump is brilliant.

Saturday night, SNL aired their season finale. And it was arguably their best show of the year.

The finale had three really funny political skits, including one with Trump and Putin, one with Hillary talking to an elector, and one celebrating our final Christmas with President Obama.

The Putin sketch opened the show. SNL hammered Trump for being Putin’s greatest Christmas gift. They also included Cecily Strong playing Melania, several of Trump’s recent gaffes, and mockery of his insane Cabinet picks. John Goodman even made an appearance as Trump’s new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

This skit baited the thin-skinned President-elect probably more than any they’ve done this year. And the fact that Trump hasn’t responded yet tells me that Kellyanne must’ve taken his phone away again.

And the second skit is about Hillary. She shows up at the door of one of the Electoral College electors making her case for voting against Trump using just signs. The skit is a parody of Love Actually, and it’s both really funny and also quite effective.

The third skit is about President Obama. It’s a big celebration of our last Christmas before Trump comes in and destroys the world. And it’s a hilarious reminder of how great things have been under Obama….especially when compared to what we’re facing now.


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