Stephen Colbert And Joe Biden Give The Country A Hilarious ‘Dad Talk’ -VIDEO


After a nasty and divisive election, and after the disastrous result of Trump winning, Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden think it’s time for the country to sit down for a hilarious family talk. 

In Joe Biden’s first public appearance since the election, he met up with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show. Colbert and Biden did a skit playing America’s dads. The two dads basically told the country to grow up. And it was hilarious.

Biden often gets teased about being a big man-child. After the election, social media was full of great memes showing the Veep mocking and playing pranks on Donald Trump. So the skit with Biden sitting all of us down for a “dad talk” was even funnier.

Colbert and Biden, channeling Mr. Rogers, spoke to a country that’s depressed and slightly freaking out over the election of Trump.

Looking directly into the camera, Colbert said, “Look, Pops and I, we’ve been worried about all these sudden changes.” Then Biden jumped in and said, “We know that you’re worried about the changes the family’s going through. It happens to every family, but I’m telling you, this terrible feeling you’re having right now, it isn’t permanent.” He paused. “It’ll be over in four years, maybe eight.”

All I can say after this nightmare election is thank God for comedy.

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