Teary-Eyed Bill Clinton After Electoral Vote For Hillary: ‘I Never Cast A Vote I Was Prouder Of’

Bill Clinton teared up after casting his Electoral College vote for Hillary in upstate New York on Monday. “I never cast a vote I was prouder of.”

On Monday electors across the country cast their votes to finalize the election. Bill Clinton was one of those electors representing the state of New York.

After he voted one last time for Hillary, Bill Clinton spoke to the press and expressed how important it was for him to cast that vote for her on Monday.

According to The Hill,

“The former president, who is an elector for New York, said Hillary Clinton fought through “everything” during the campaign, including the FBI’s “bogus” investigation into her use of a personal email server while secretary of State. 

“I never cast a vote I was prouder of,” Bill Clinton said to reporters after casting his electoral vote for his wife. 

“You know, I watched her work for two years. I watched her battle through that bogus email deal. She fought through that. She fought through everything, and she prevailed against it all and then at the end… the FBI deal – she couldn’t prevail against that.””

Hillary had so many things working against her in an election that she should’ve won. In hindsight, between Trump’s domination of every news cycle with outright lies, Russian interference, years of Republican slander, and FBI Director Comey playing politics, Hillary couldn’t have won this one even if she’d made no mistakes of her own. No one could’ve.

Bill Clinton’s support of his wife is obvious. I can’t imagine how difficult this shocking loss is for both of them.

It was heartbreaking to see her lose on November 8. It’s just as heartbreaking today watching the Electoral College vote against her again.

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