The Orange Elephant Under the Christmas Tree


After such a nasty hateful election we could all use a little stress relief right about now. So how about some Trump-mockery….Christmas Style!

After such a nasty hateful election we could all use a little stress relief right about now. So how about we do some holiday Trump-mocking. And let’s hide it in a Christmas story that Trump and his supporters will never get.

One of my very witty readers, Colleen Sue Richter, just wrote this perfect ditty for the occasion. Enjoy!

The Orange Elephant Under the Christmas Tree

I thought I would never see the Orange Elephant under the Christmas Tree

I tried to decorate our lovely green tree, However, the orange elephant kept tweeting to me! “You will be fined if you decorate this tree, and if there is a star of David atop, it’s prison for thee.”

I ignored all the stupidity coming from this orange source, And instead watched Johnny on his cute little Red Rocking Horse. I brought out the ginger holiday snacks, and before I knew it, I was flat on my back. An orange trunk and the tail, had knocked me down. I stood back up and sincerely frowned.

“Look Mr. Orange Elephant” I politely said, “if you keep this up you are going to bed!” With his hair so strange, and his ways so deranged. I had had enough, something had to change.

I called Mitt Romney for assistance you see, only to find, they had dined together, waiter, check, please! Next on my list, was a friend of many years. She adored the orange elephant’s mustache and his sunkist orange ears.

Not only was she so enamored with he, half of the country, said a President he would be. Could this be true? Oh my Gosh, and Golly gee! I retreated to my room with Johnny in tow. What would we do, and where would we go?

Christmas just felt different, not happy and not sane….All those decorations, happiness, and candy canes. Then I remembered, a senator we had, I will write letters, as to not to be sad.

So letters we wrote, until the dawn of the next day. Hoping we would hear back, right away! It just didn’t happen, or turn out for the best. Those senators sat in their towers, giving their duffs a really good rest.

I thought of one last thing that might do the trick. I called the jolly suit in red, who is called St. Nick. “The magic this year, will depend on a few, those 538, will give us a clue.”

I walked back towards the tree, and what did I see? The orange elephant marching around my green Christmas tree! I opened my door and there was a winter’s wind blast! I “grabbed” the orange elephant right by the ass!

I saw the green rubbish truck just driving by, and said, “there’s my opportunity, Oh my, my!” Off to the truck I promptly did go, the orange elephant looked scared, his hands flapping to and fro!

Enough I have had of your silly little ways, we will have Christmas and Hanukkah in just a few days! The orange elephant pleaded and begged to come back in, with that look in his eye, that just looks pretend.

To the house we did return, Johnny looked confused, “He’s decided to be good, and to keep us amused.” Christmas and Hanukkah we will still do, But this orange elephant better watch his p’s and q’s.

Back to the tree decorating we did go, with holiday candles lit and beautifully aglow. We tossed the orange elephant onto the floor, and left him sitting right next to the door. By a tree or blue light he did not belong, and it is up to all of us to ignore the orange elephant during the holidays, and to really be strong!

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