Trump Postpones Announcement About How He Will Deal With Conflicts Of Interest

Trump just postponed his big announcement about how he’s going to avoid conflicts of interest with his businesses. So just guess when he now plans to reveal his big plan…

Donald Trump has been promising for weeks that he would make a major announcement this week. He has repeatedly said that he has a big plan to deal with his business conflicts of interest.

The only thing he’s told us so far is that he won’t sell his businesses, that he’s planning on handing over daily operations to his kids, and that he’s planning to remain the Executive Producer on his ridiculous reality TV show.

All three solutions are laughable. And all three are absolutely gateways for conflicts of interest.

So Trump was supposed to tell us on December 15 how he planned to fix all of this. That announcement has now been postponed.

In the meantime, more and more Electoral College electors are questioning whether or not they can in good conscience vote for Trump. On Monday, a group of ten electors sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence demanding that they receive an intelligence briefing on Russia’s involvement in our presidential election. And they want it before they vote next week.

Hillary’s campaign has also come out and put their full support behind the demand.

So take one guess on Trump’s response.

He decided to postpone his big conflicts of interest announcement until AFTER the Electoral College votes. His transition team hasn’t set a new date for the announcement yet. But they say it will be before Inauguration.

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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